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Rosa Braber (1989, NL) studied performance & acting at the 'Toneelacademie Maastricht' (Institute of Performing Arts) and graduated in 2012 as a Bachelor of Arts.

During and after her studies she wrote and created solo performances and participated in collaborative performances and plays. Those were shown at festivals and different theatres in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

In 2013 she published her first collection of poetry, called 'Toen we nog als meisjes dachten' ('When we were thinking like girls').
In the same year she moved to Vienna, Austria.

In 2015 she became part of the Bernhard Ensemble, where she is working as an actress.
​As a freelancer she is working as a performance artist, writer and actress and she is teaching drama classes at Showtime, the youth performing school of  the Vienna English Theatre and Dschungel Wien.                                      

May and June 2019 she worked as writer in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academy, a post-academic institute for artistic talent development, in Maastricht. Currently she is rehearsing for the production 'Planet Sis' with her sister and dancer Donna Braber in coproduction with Dschungel Wien.

© Rosa Braber 2019